COUSIN is the definitive print production agency for premium lifestyle brands. We produce beautiful brochures, catalogues and packaging, working with over 60 brands across 4 continents and 13 countries.

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We chose COUSIN because it is what we are to our customers - a not too distant relation. 15 years on and our company has changed beyond recognition. Many of the same people, with the same ethics and values, but with different scale and outputs. To reflect our pride in keeping to these principles we needed to evolve our name rather than change it. Made By Cousin articulates the purpose and custody in everything we do.


Along with a new brand name comes a new brand identity. Classic and contemporary, clean and minimal, open and friendly. This is reflected in every Made By Cousin touch point, from our business cards, stationery and packaging all the way through to this website.


Made By Cousin is a stamp of quality, care and assurance. A brand in its original and literal sense. An echo of the standards and principles that run through COUSIN and our partners.

Our History
The initial team were all from print manufacturing backgrounds, in account management and pre-press. Being able to provide solutions based on best fit for the customer, rather than best fit for a specific manufacturer, the business grew quickly by word of mouth. As advances in press technology and colour management took hold, Cousin became able to offer print production across different countries with the same colour accuracy and standards. From here projects for USA brands began, and the Hong Kong office opened.